Sensing the Landscape

order 9-11 OCTOBER 2015

part of  cilaiscialis20mgcoupons Somerset Art Weeks Festival

viagra online Sensing the Landscape is a series of exhibitions and site-specific projects across four Somerset gardens. Artists explore the sensory encounter with the garden working in film, sculpture, drawing and print. Visitors can deepen their garden experience through the variety of design displayed in both their planting and construction, enhanced by the artist’s creativity. With  brand Edward Chell, Kim Francis, Eleanor Lakelin and  generic Fay Stevens. drugs for sale  

Curated by Karina Joseph from Field, in partnership with Somerset Art Works and the National Garden Scheme. Funded by Arts Council England. Artists

A series of large carved oak forms by canadian pharmacies online Eleanor Lakelin  which reference the gentle erosion of material by natural forces in the landscape, the layers and fissures between creation and decay, and the softening of definition through age, will be displayed within the garden cialis rezeptfrei Aller Farmhouse. sale Kim Francis’ ethereal sculpture evokes the menace and elegance of natural forms, testaments to processes of decay and regeneration. The greenhouse at Ball Copse Hall will house a unique bronze inspired by radiolarians minute protozoic amoeba, characterised by a spiny exoskeleton, found in ocean zooplankton. Visitors can pluck the spines to hear the eerie evocative sound.

Fay Stevens will capture the experience of being within the garden at Little Yarford Farmhouse, along with its owners and visiting public, using print, sound and kinetic drawing. Her work will be installed within the grounds creating a visual, spatial and metaphorical interplay between the Elizabethan house and garden.

Edward Chell makes prints and paintings consisting of the silhouettes of plants, commonly found in diverse places across Britain including managed woodlands and motorway vergers. At Midney Nurseries, two large prints made using handmade pigment will be displayed within the café space, and films within the outbuilding.

Venues and opening times:

Admission £4.50. Under 16 free

Edward Chell
Midney Gardens, Mill Lane, Somerton TA11 7HR

More about Midney Gardens on NGS website here

Edward Chell, Road dust screenprint on paper

Kim Francis
Ball Copse Hall, Brent Knoll, TA9 4DF

More about Copse Hall on NGS website here

Kim Francis, Bronze, Sculpture

Eleanor Lakelin
Aller Farmhouse, Williton nr Taunton TA4 4LY

More about Aller on NGS website here

Eleanor Lakelin

Fay Stevens
Little Yarford Farmhouse, Taunton, TA2 8AN

More about Little Yarford Farmhouse on NGS website here

Malathyros 2 - Performance and Drawing - Fay Stevens